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an update for the pretty byrd

July 21, 2008

dear lord. This has been sooo much more difficult than I originally anticipated. I think I worked as much time as I could’ve spared over a 10 day span- since my last post. I lost 5 days- 3 spent on vacation, and 2 I just could do nothing with all the children around…. Pied Piper, anyone? Anyway, in the 5 days I was really cranking out stuff- I have over 6500 words. Byrd, I never thought I’d see the day when I ran out of things to say. HA. Who would’ve thought. I don’t really think I’m out of things to say, necessarily, but maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself. Decided to focus primarily on makeup- I mean, I know it and I loooooove it, but in the end… I’m having a hell of a time keeping it focused. You wouldn’t believe if I told you the tremendous amount of research I’ve done about how best to optimize my pages for the SE’s, humans, and spiders alike. It’s borderline psycho… I mean who really cares about META tags? Except me, that is. So my dilemma is this: how to create an extremely tight site about makeup and how to apply it. Where the hell can I incorporate fashion (shoes!!!) into that? I mean, how much more can I say about damn makeup??? It sounds so much more complicated than it is, but in order to get ranked, even the freaking name has to be perfect. So you better believe I’m struggling here. I can’t be all things to all people and I really don’t want to build another site, so how should I combine the 2? Should I not even attempt to combine them? Personally (you know me) I think they go hand-in-hand. Why have perfect makeup if you are wearing stuff that’s not right for your body, you know? I like looking fabulous head to toe. Period. No exceptions. It’s vice versa too- why wear great clothes if your makeup looks like s**t? Where to go from here? Any and all help welcome. Please save me from myself!!!!!!!!!


i’ve got it!!!

July 9, 2008

oh my goodness. i think i’ve found what i’ve been looking for. and it’s definitely not what i was expecting. i’m not saying anything about what it is yet, i’ve only just scratched the surface of the potential. being all kinds of closed-mouthed about things isn’t usually my style at all, but i can’t very well run down the streets of orlando screaming ‘eureka’- can i? i wouldn’t anyway.. but the basic plan is to build a site on something i know and love. hello- it’s makeup and fashion!!! that wasn’t hard to figure out!!! it’s what i live and breathe, as silly and/or superficial that may be to you people reading this, it’s so totally neither silly nor superficial to me! and damn it isn’t that what matters anyway?!?! since i’ve decided that’s how i’ll be making a living from here on out, it better just be something i know and love. don’t you agree? anyway- that’s all for now guys- see you tomorrow! oh, and wish me luck, ok? i think i’m going to need it.