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upside down again

June 30, 2008

ok. i’m waaaaaay tired of thinking about this stupid book. so it’s going to be on the back burner until i get my priorities straight, but that doesn’t mean i’m quitting by any means. time off for research and development, if you will. thanks everyone for your encouragement- 1 little byrd in particular- keep it coming. and to my favorite little byrd, do tell chuck hello from her fruit. that kid must be 6 by now?

anyway- off topic as usual. what i’ve seriously seriously been digging around is still the affiliate thing. i’ve learned entirely too much about it not to pursue it. it’s going to be a little tough in the beginning but what isn’t? and since i’m a self-proclaimed expert on almost everything (just ask me) i should have no problem finding and sticking with a niche. some of these people are insanely committed, some not so much, and some of them should probably be committed. i’m sure i’ll have plenty more to say about that later.

by the way- i mentioned get rich quick schemes recently. in case you run across a few (or a few hundred) they are most easily identified by the ridiculous yellow highlighting of certain text points scattered throughout the altogether false promises that you too (by implementing these proven systems!!! of course) will wake up to find that you’ve made $10,397.44 OVERNIGHT!!! if only it were that easy. and why in the hell is there always some ludicrous .44 or .32 tacked onto the end? does this make it seem more credible? what are they thinking?!?! however- if you get sucked down like so many others- let me know how the proven systems!!! work for you. i’m always in need of a good laugh. besides, anybody with half a brain knows that making money takes work not proven systems!!!. best of luck anyway.