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hard work

July 11, 2008

So, they say that here on the World Wide Web that ‘content is king’. If that is, in fact, true- then I’m hoping as I build this website, I’ll be saying things that will actually be of some use to people. I’ve found some extremely crappy websites in the niche I’ve chosen for myself, so I’m confident in the fact that if I can do better than what is produced out there- I’ll be successful in my endeavors. I’m not trying to be all things to all people- that’s freakin’ impossible. But for the masses, they can take what they like and leave the rest. There are a number of ways I can approach this- I suppose I can outsource some of the work, but then it won’t sound like me at all. I think another of the keys to winning this game is to have a different approach than everyone else’s. (Read: copywriter) I need my OWN approach. Which unfortunately for me, I have a sassy streak about 10 miles wide, and I’m positive that will turn some people off, but I think the name of the game is being unique. Which sums me up in a nutshell anyway. Definitely not your run of the mill girl. Off I go… the journey from nothing to something has begun in earnest now. See you people tomorrow… and beware of proven systems!!!- I may have mentioned that a time or two. 🙂


here we go…

June 23, 2008

Blogging for dollars? Is this a new internet phenomenon? Where’ve I been? Is this even possible? I found an extremely informative article that said, yes, it actually is true. But who are these people that don’t have work, kids, or school to contend with? It’s unreal what goes on here in this mecca of moguls. So i’m giving it a shot…. follow my journey from nothing to something, all courtesy of the World Wide Web. I’m going to make it, really, what choice do I have? The chronicle begins now. I’d love to hear from you guys, because out here in cyberspace I gotta tell ya- I feel pretty damn tiny!  And ps- what the HELL is an RSS feed?!?