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an update for the pretty byrd

July 21, 2008

dear lord. This has been sooo much more difficult than I originally anticipated. I think I worked as much time as I could’ve spared over a 10 day span- since my last post. I lost 5 days- 3 spent on vacation, and 2 I just could do nothing with all the children around…. Pied Piper, anyone? Anyway, in the 5 days I was really cranking out stuff- I have over 6500 words. Byrd, I never thought I’d see the day when I ran out of things to say. HA. Who would’ve thought. I don’t really think I’m out of things to say, necessarily, but maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself. Decided to focus primarily on makeup- I mean, I know it and I loooooove it, but in the end… I’m having a hell of a time keeping it focused. You wouldn’t believe if I told you the tremendous amount of research I’ve done about how best to optimize my pages for the SE’s, humans, and spiders alike. It’s borderline psycho… I mean who really cares about META tags? Except me, that is. So my dilemma is this: how to create an extremely tight site about makeup and how to apply it. Where the hell can I incorporate fashion (shoes!!!) into that? I mean, how much more can I say about damn makeup??? It sounds so much more complicated than it is, but in order to get ranked, even the freaking name has to be perfect. So you better believe I’m struggling here. I can’t be all things to all people and I really don’t want to build another site, so how should I combine the 2? Should I not even attempt to combine them? Personally (you know me) I think they go hand-in-hand. Why have perfect makeup if you are wearing stuff that’s not right for your body, you know? I like looking fabulous head to toe. Period. No exceptions. It’s vice versa too- why wear great clothes if your makeup looks like s**t? Where to go from here? Any and all help welcome. Please save me from myself!!!!!!!!!


hard work

July 11, 2008

So, they say that here on the World Wide Web that ‘content is king’. If that is, in fact, true- then I’m hoping as I build this website, I’ll be saying things that will actually be of some use to people. I’ve found some extremely crappy websites in the niche I’ve chosen for myself, so I’m confident in the fact that if I can do better than what is produced out there- I’ll be successful in my endeavors. I’m not trying to be all things to all people- that’s freakin’ impossible. But for the masses, they can take what they like and leave the rest. There are a number of ways I can approach this- I suppose I can outsource some of the work, but then it won’t sound like me at all. I think another of the keys to winning this game is to have a different approach than everyone else’s. (Read: copywriter) I need my OWN approach. Which unfortunately for me, I have a sassy streak about 10 miles wide, and I’m positive that will turn some people off, but I think the name of the game is being unique. Which sums me up in a nutshell anyway. Definitely not your run of the mill girl. Off I go… the journey from nothing to something has begun in earnest now. See you people tomorrow… and beware of proven systems!!!- I may have mentioned that a time or two. 🙂

i’ve got it!!!

July 9, 2008

oh my goodness. i think i’ve found what i’ve been looking for. and it’s definitely not what i was expecting. i’m not saying anything about what it is yet, i’ve only just scratched the surface of the potential. being all kinds of closed-mouthed about things isn’t usually my style at all, but i can’t very well run down the streets of orlando screaming ‘eureka’- can i? i wouldn’t anyway.. but the basic plan is to build a site on something i know and love. hello- it’s makeup and fashion!!! that wasn’t hard to figure out!!! it’s what i live and breathe, as silly and/or superficial that may be to you people reading this, it’s so totally neither silly nor superficial to me! and damn it isn’t that what matters anyway?!?! since i’ve decided that’s how i’ll be making a living from here on out, it better just be something i know and love. don’t you agree? anyway- that’s all for now guys- see you tomorrow! oh, and wish me luck, ok? i think i’m going to need it.

I am so gone

July 3, 2008

I’m going on vacation!!! So I suppose I’ll post when I get back… Hopefully I’ll come up with some new ideas. We’ll see what happens away from the computer for four days. I can hardly breathe thinking about not being able to get on here and dig for buried treasure. ANYWAY I’ll miss you guys………………. maybe you’ll miss me too?


July 2, 2008

Ok, I’m back. Nothing lame like back and better than ever. Just back. I’m turning cartwheels because I think I’ve finally figured it out. I’m going full speed ahead with the affiliate thing. There is an absolutely mind-boggling bunch of info out here online. So with that in mind, I’m ever wary of proven systems!!!. They’re out there… thousands upon thousands of them. Honestly, if you don’t believe me, just google ‘make money online’ or ‘make money’. If you really want to give yourself a shock and a half- try something adventurous, like ‘overnight millionaire’… it drives me batshit that people actually believe this crap. And evil though this may sound, it makes me want to come up with a completely false proven system!!! of my own. Poor suckers. P.T. Barnum said it best- there’s a sucker born every minute. It’s never been more true than in the age of information, but it totally boggles my mind! How can these sensible people fall for these lines of crap? Why is everyone convinced they’re going to be the next dot com gazillionaire?!?! It takes a lot of hard work! Period! Anyway, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so I’ll be around to update on my progress. Or the lack thereof. Wish me luck, and when I make my first million, please don’t tell me you’re my long lost cousin/aunt/2nd cousin twice removed….

upside down again

June 30, 2008

ok. i’m waaaaaay tired of thinking about this stupid book. so it’s going to be on the back burner until i get my priorities straight, but that doesn’t mean i’m quitting by any means. time off for research and development, if you will. thanks everyone for your encouragement- 1 little byrd in particular- keep it coming. and to my favorite little byrd, do tell chuck hello from her fruit. that kid must be 6 by now?

anyway- off topic as usual. what i’ve seriously seriously been digging around is still the affiliate thing. i’ve learned entirely too much about it not to pursue it. it’s going to be a little tough in the beginning but what isn’t? and since i’m a self-proclaimed expert on almost everything (just ask me) i should have no problem finding and sticking with a niche. some of these people are insanely committed, some not so much, and some of them should probably be committed. i’m sure i’ll have plenty more to say about that later.

by the way- i mentioned get rich quick schemes recently. in case you run across a few (or a few hundred) they are most easily identified by the ridiculous yellow highlighting of certain text points scattered throughout the altogether false promises that you too (by implementing these proven systems!!! of course) will wake up to find that you’ve made $10,397.44 OVERNIGHT!!! if only it were that easy. and why in the hell is there always some ludicrous .44 or .32 tacked onto the end? does this make it seem more credible? what are they thinking?!?! however- if you get sucked down like so many others- let me know how the proven systems!!! work for you. i’m always in need of a good laugh. besides, anybody with half a brain knows that making money takes work not proven systems!!!. best of luck anyway.

get a grip

June 27, 2008

so here i am again… at the damn computer. i’m sick and tired of looking at this screen, sick and tired of thinking, just sick and tired in general, i guess. as you can probably tell from absolutely no capital letters. i don’t feel like hitting shift every 2 seconds. anyway… the whole book thing has really gotten me tied up in knots. i can’t figure it out one way or the other. it’s like getting in the car and having no place to go, just driving around aimlessly. it’s not a damn work of fiction so why the hell am i having such a difficult time writing it? i’m not making one single thing up, but i can’t figure out how to say certain things, if i should say certain things, and where the hell everything should go. good thing for editors, i suppose, but all stories are supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end, right? well where the hell am i supposed to start? this is getting ridiculous and i’m having plenty of doubts about whether it’s going to turn out well. or turn out at all… i’m not going to give up on it and i’m not expecting a best-seller by any means. this is easily the most frustrating thing i’ve attempted so far (except for raising children that is). any suggestions welcome… i’m running out of my own, and i need help with how to write an outline. jesus maybe if i would’ve managed to see high school through i’d know how to do this seemingly simple task. i quit high school at 13, went to college at 21 and managed a 4.0 there so what the hell is wrong with me now?!?!

hello again!

June 26, 2008

So, in my last blog entry, I mentioned that I might attempt an e-book. I also posted in the off topic forum… kind of to see what responses would be like. I got way more feedback than I thought I would, and as a result of that, I’ve decided to scrap the e-book and do it in hard copy. It may or may not sell, but the general consensus is to go ahead and write the damn thing. I’ve (obviously) never written a book before, so I’m positive this is going to be a harrowing experience. I’m also a little afraid because I think this is going to be a trip down memory lane, and some of the things that are behind the closed doors in my mind are there for a reason. I don’t suppose I have to lay out everything in this book but I don’t know if these are things I want front and center again. One member here posted that it would probably be therapeutic for me to write it, and that person is definitely right. All of this leaves me wondering if it’s just going to be a juvenile try… if anyone will read it, or if it will even be worth reading. I read voraciously and I know a good book from a crummy one. With that in mind I hope like hell I have the common sense to be able to look at it objectively, and if it’s a total piece of garbage, also to be able to just scrap it. I wouldn’t read a lousy book, and I sure as hell doubt my target audience (which are teenaged girls by the way) would read some poorly written diatribe. Which brings me to another problem- I am not sure even how to write it. I know that I want to write to them as opposed to at them, I’ve gotten that far at least. So we’ll see where it takes me. See you tomorrow!


June 24, 2008

So. I’ve been looking really really hard for ways to stay home with my children. I really do not want to go back to the corporate rat race if I can help it. It’s not at all that I’m lazy or unmotivated, I just believe that the best gift you can give your children is yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but time falls into that category quite neatly. So I’m dying to find a way to work from home so I can be here for them, with them, whatever. Life’s too damn short and I want to see all 3 of them grow up.

I’ve been consumed by this affiliate marketing thing. I have tried to learn everything I possibly can on the subject, and I’ve noticed that there are a whole lot of get rich quick schemes out here on the internet. A whoooole lot, and I don’t even think I’m trying to get rich. Supplementing the income I can make in the real world would be good enough. Hell, I’d settle for get rich slow… Anyway- there are a lot of seriously heavy hitters in the affiliate marketplace. Kyle and Carson (of Wealthy Affiliate fame), John Chow, Ewen Chia, and Shawn Collins, just to name a very very few. But I have no idea what sets these people apart from the general population! How in the world are they as successful as they are? Is it the $14.97 e-books? The forums? What is it? Maybe I’ll write an e-book. See you guys tomorrow!

here we go…

June 23, 2008

Blogging for dollars? Is this a new internet phenomenon? Where’ve I been? Is this even possible? I found an extremely informative article that said, yes, it actually is true. But who are these people that don’t have work, kids, or school to contend with? It’s unreal what goes on here in this mecca of moguls. So i’m giving it a shot…. follow my journey from nothing to something, all courtesy of the World Wide Web. I’m going to make it, really, what choice do I have? The chronicle begins now. I’d love to hear from you guys, because out here in cyberspace I gotta tell ya- I feel pretty damn tiny!  And ps- what the HELL is an RSS feed?!?