get a grip

so here i am again… at the damn computer. i’m sick and tired of looking at this screen, sick and tired of thinking, just sick and tired in general, i guess. as you can probably tell from absolutely no capital letters. i don’t feel like hitting shift every 2 seconds. anyway… the whole book thing has really gotten me tied up in knots. i can’t figure it out one way or the other. it’s like getting in the car and having no place to go, just driving around aimlessly. it’s not a damn work of fiction so why the hell am i having such a difficult time writing it? i’m not making one single thing up, but i can’t figure out how to say certain things, if i should say certain things, and where the hell everything should go. good thing for editors, i suppose, but all stories are supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end, right? well where the hell am i supposed to start? this is getting ridiculous and i’m having plenty of doubts about whether it’s going to turn out well. or turn out at all… i’m not going to give up on it and i’m not expecting a best-seller by any means. this is easily the most frustrating thing i’ve attempted so far (except for raising children that is). any suggestions welcome… i’m running out of my own, and i need help with how to write an outline. jesus maybe if i would’ve managed to see high school through i’d know how to do this seemingly simple task. i quit high school at 13, went to college at 21 and managed a 4.0 there so what the hell is wrong with me now?!?!


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One Response to “get a grip”

  1. Whore Next Door Says:

    it’s ok to exaggerate a little. That’s how you make it interesting… imagine worst-case scenarios then recognize the truth and find the middle. It can “based” on a true story, ya know? Also, when picking my nose, my best stories come to me. Yes, I write and NO, nobody may read it 🙂 lol ❤ P.s. Charlie says HELLO FRUIT!

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