hello again!

So, in my last blog entry, I mentioned that I might attempt an e-book. I also posted in the off topic forum… kind of to see what responses would be like. I got way more feedback than I thought I would, and as a result of that, I’ve decided to scrap the e-book and do it in hard copy. It may or may not sell, but the general consensus is to go ahead and write the damn thing. I’ve (obviously) never written a book before, so I’m positive this is going to be a harrowing experience. I’m also a little afraid because I think this is going to be a trip down memory lane, and some of the things that are behind the closed doors in my mind are there for a reason. I don’t suppose I have to lay out everything in this book but I don’t know if these are things I want front and center again. One member here posted that it would probably be therapeutic for me to write it, and that person is definitely right. All of this leaves me wondering if it’s just going to be a juvenile try… if anyone will read it, or if it will even be worth reading. I read voraciously and I know a good book from a crummy one. With that in mind I hope like hell I have the common sense to be able to look at it objectively, and if it’s a total piece of garbage, also to be able to just scrap it. I wouldn’t read a lousy book, and I sure as hell doubt my target audience (which are teenaged girls by the way) would read some poorly written diatribe. Which brings me to another problem- I am not sure even how to write it. I know that I want to write to them as opposed to at them, I’ve gotten that far at least. So we’ll see where it takes me. See you tomorrow!


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