here we go…

Blogging for dollars? Is this a new internet phenomenon? Where’ve I been? Is this even possible? I found an extremely informative article that said, yes, it actually is true. But who are these people that don’t have work, kids, or school to contend with? It’s unreal what goes on here in this mecca of moguls. So i’m giving it a shot…. follow my journey from nothing to something, all courtesy of the World Wide Web. I’m going to make it, really, what choice do I have? The chronicle begins now. I’d love to hear from you guys, because out here in cyberspace I gotta tell ya- I feel pretty damn tiny!  And ps- what the HELL is an RSS feed?!?


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One Response to “here we go…”

  1. A Little Byrd Says:

    RSS- Automatically updated feeds of news, gossip, etc.

    gotta get some color on this shit!

    Include “Porn” “Beastiality” “Gerbils” “Goats” “Dildo” on your tags… see what happens? lol

    Know any HTML yet? You like to learn – you’ll love it!

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